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Kiara Sky Pedipack – Tropical Colada

Kiara Sky Pedipack – Tropical Colada

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Grab your favorite cocktail, lie back and relax! You are now in paradise! Escape to your own tropical island and be greeted by the sweet aromas of sweet pineapple and refreshing coconut.

"Let's get Pedi-cute! Kiara Sky's NEW 4-Step Signature PediPacks are designed to provide the most lavish spa package available. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to an unforgettable fragrance of your choice. Soak up some relaxation deep using essential oils and minerals OH-SO Spa-tacular!”

4 steps towards pesi-paradise:

• Pedi Bomb: Start with a warm foot bath complemented by an invigorating aromatic bath bomb.

• Scrub-a-Dub: Exfoliate and reveal revitalized feet with a signature foot scrub.

• Masque-arade: Purify and repair with a luxurious and refreshing foot mask.

• Lotion Potion: The finishing touch is a dose of our magic lotion to hydrate and lock in moisture.

Size: 20g (0.7oz)

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