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Glue | nail resin: Clear - Medium - Thick (Cyanoacrylate)

Glue | nail resin: Clear - Medium - Thick (Cyanoacrylate)

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Create your powder and resin nails using POP's resins and glues
RESINS: Clear - Medium - Thick!
Our three resin consistencies offer unique advantages for the resin and powder technique.

THE LITTLE QUICKLY | LA CLAIRE: Soak, work and give life to opaque colored balls with our liquid resin.

THE WORKER | LA CLAIRE 2.0: Like ptite vite but reformulated with slower polymerization

THE POPULAR | MEDIUM: Simplify your life with La Populaire, our ALL IN ONE resin. You can glue your prosthesis effectively as well as build the nails from A to Z

THE GLUTINEOUS | THE THICK: Cover designs before filing for a flawless result, level out hollows or replace your clear powder/glue dosage.

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